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My idea of God!

At the age of 23, mind of Bhagat Singh was so matured that it could think and articulate something like “Why I am an atheist”. I have wondered how these people at such a young age achieved this much maturity. And every time I got only this answer: they were rational and fearless readers and thinkers.

So, I also started contemplating about the idea of God. There are may theory related to existence and non-existence of God. Some people believe in singularity of God, others in multiplicity of His existence. Some people think God lives in temple/mosque/church/etc, others believe He resides in the heart of people.

I, on the other hand, believe God resides in the human body but not in the heart. In fact I don’t think there is some third party called God who resides in us. It’s part of us. Actually according to me God doesn’t exit at all. It’s we who have created God, not the other way around.

So, what is it that we call God? I have read and taught myself about the power of subconscious mind. The part of mind which made more than 85% of our mind. If you don’t know about your subconscious mind, probably you don’t know about yourself. We keep listening in many teachings which say  “know thyself”. This same quote also appeared in movie The Matrix when Neo went to meet the Oracle for the very first time.

So, why all religions, all spiritual teachings keep telling about knowing yourself. What is inside us which we need to know, one may wonder. However, I have come to conclusion that these all teachings are talking about knowing one’s subconscious mind and about its power. This is what we call God. You call it God or subconscious mind, choice is yours. But know what you are addressing or interacting with. Its not the statue or any other symbols but its your subconscious mind. Isn’t it become easy and comfortable to communicate if you know who you are talking to? One might have heard about theory of Chinese whisper. So it becomes even worse to communicate indirectly. More lengthy is the line, more noisy communication would happen.

So, know your God. It’s your subconscious mind. Know how to communicate with it. Know how to use it. Know how to improve it. And know yourself. This is what God is. This is why Bhagat Singh became an atheist. This is why you  need to contemplate. Think about Buddha or Mahavira. Learn about Geeta or Kuran. This is what all have talked about “know thyself”.


Color Balloons…

Colourful Holi is coming yet again. Fifth for me in Delhi. It has been memorable journey so far. Filled with struggle and excitement. But as this Holi approaches, it reminds me of an incident which happened during my first Holi in Delhi.

It was 2013. I had just shifted from Bengaluru to Delhi to get started with UPSC preparation . I was staying in a hostel near Nirankari colony in North Delhi. Much like every evening I took a walk from my hostel to the colony for evening snacks. I was alone and immersed in my own thought. It was all going good. But then something surprising happened.

A balloon hit me. It was not filled with colour but just plain water. I was taken aback. Both the sudden event and cold water startled me. I looked in the direction of the balloon. First reaction was bit of disappointment which suddenly turned into a broad smile. There was a cute-little girl with one more balloon ready in her hand. She didn’t hide after throwing the first balloon but waited for my reaction. When I looked towards her. She said “Happy Holi”. And then when she saw me smiling she threw the other balloon in her hand and kept smiling. That made my Holi ‘happy’ for sure.

That was beginning of Holi for me in Delhi. Most probably this will be ending of Holi for me in Delhi. I have shifted to ORN(Old Rejendra Nagar) now. So far many balloons have passed by me leaving me untouched. But main difference here is: its hard to find throwers.

Who is more patriotic?

Let me start by saying that I am totally against the idea of Nationalism which is exclusive in nature. Instead I support the idea of Patriotism which is inclusive in nature. Here I am going to paint two scenarios and I would like know who are more patriotic?

There is a girl named Geeta. She said something which lets say some people, who called themselves Desh-bhakts, find anti-national. So they tried to beat her up. If they could not. They tried to threaten her with gang-rape and started bringing her old videos or posts on social media to mock her and ridicule her.

However when Geeta, was threaten she went to institutions which make India for her protection. She complained with police and other agencies about this hate and threat which she received.

Now, here is one to decide who is more patriotic. The desh-bhakts or the girl, Geeta. When something which desh-bhakts didn’t like they think its their duty to make it right or teach her a lesson. They did not believe in the institutions of India. They could have approached to Police and filed a complaint about any anti-national things. But they took law in their hands. This makes India look a ‘weak-state’. But Geeta believed in idea of India and in its institutions. She made India look ‘strong-state’. Now you decide who did more disservice to idea of India and Indian-state? Who is more patriotic?

Paranormal Vs Science

Recently I watched a TED talk “A Scientific approach to Paranormal“. It reminded me of one incident which is associated with me.

I was in studying in 8th standard. I started getting headaches. It was very painful and unbearable headache. Even medicines for headache work sometime but next time they are found ineffective. After trying lots of doctors, mostly in and around of my village and block . My parents decided to explore the idea of going to Temples and even Mosques.

I was taken to Panditji and to Maulaviji. Bu they were ineffective. Eventually my parents found me one Sadhuji. He did something and I felt lighter and my headache went away. Since then whenever i used to feel headache I used to call my parents or elder brother who then used to go to Sadhuji and my headache used to go away. I don’t know whether it was really a case or not. Whether there is any connection or not.

But then i got an opportunity to meet this Sadhuji. I asked him, “Why I only have this headache in my family?”. He said everyone is not same and there are some weakness in my planets. Somehow I got convinced. Days passed, weeks passed, years passed, and eventually I landed up in Delhi to prepare for UPSC.

Only fear when I came to prepare for UPSC was, what will I do when I get headache in or during the exam. Or even during preparation if I get regular headache how will I crack such a touch exam. But luckily something happened. My paranormal meets science.

My roommate in Delhi, who was also aspirant, had this same issues of headache. He belonged to family doctors. Once I was going home from Delhi, I was having very bad headache. I told him about it. He gave me one tablet of pain killer. I took that tablet and boarded the train. I felt relaxed and my headache went away.

I came back from home and asked him what tablet he gave me. He told that it was “Diclowin Plus” and anti-inflmatory pain killer. I thought the medicine which can be cured my twelve or thirteen years of issues of headache must be costly. But  it was very cheap. Cheaper than even a glass of fruit juice. Then I told him about my issues and he told me that it could be due to Sinus issues. He also had this issue. Since then whenever I feel discomfort I take half-tablet of this tablet.

Now, I am not required to call at home whenever I get a headache. What I realised is: diagnosis is very important of any disease. After realising that I have issue of Sinus, now I don’t think about weaker or stronger planets anymore. Somewhere, now, I even think that my dad also have this same issue. Even if its true my grandmother and paternal aunt, both are no more,  also had this same issue. But they all were diagnosed wrong. May be one day I can make things right.

[PS: Do not take any medicines before consulting a doctor]


Handrail: How Important it is!

Today, I was saved by following simple instructions which I learned from my PET (Physical Education Training) teacher in school and Warning boards put all across the stairways in INTEL.

While in school, my teacher will advice us to keep our both hand free. Hands are best friends of a man. They are first and best defence against any unseen and sudden objects. So if they are free they can protect us from falling badly, they can protect us from flies and insects or even balls.

However, Warnings on Intel’s stairways read number of accident and death due to not following the staircase etiquette. So what is that etiquette? Always, I repeat, always put your one hand on handrail. It will save you from any staircase mishap.

Now, coming to my incident. I am staying in a flat in Shadipur. There is very narrow stairway and there is always dark there. So, while using staircase one has to use mobile’s light to see clearly. So I was holding my mobile in one hand with its light on and I was holding handrail with my left hand. Suddenly, I slipped. I literally made a 360 round around that corner of staircase. Given I was holding mobile in right hand, only help came from my left hand which was holding handrail tightly.

I wonder, if I would have not holding that handrail, I might have been in some hospital now. Given the narrowness and darkness in the staircase, I might have had some serious injuries. But I was saved by simple rule of holding on to the handrail. So hold that handrail.

Two worlds just 100 meters apart!!

I had packed my luggage, was ready to leave to home for Diwali celebration on next morning, I was very happy. Next morning I went to catch the metro from GTB nagar station, nearest station from my place.

While descending the stairs I felt the coolness of A/C on my face. I smiled and descended. It was all bright and flashy. People were playing with their iPhone and Galaxy. There was electronic card not paper ticket. Mostly people were talking in English and a minority humble like me still sticking to Hindi. There were teen-couples, married-couples, few old couples too holding each other hands. Talking and smiling all around. After entering in metro which was fully A/C and looking around would forget for sure for a minute that if he is dreaming or its real, is it India or some developed Western country. People were so much involved with their devices or their “friends” that all “indianness” of those local Indian trains were absent. I looked around there was a map showing progress of train and to add there was announcement too,automatic gate,well queued people waiting for next train which appears every five minutes very unlike Indian train. I was amazed and thought we have progressed a lot. I remember our GDP growth, the Chandrayan and then Mars plan and my destination came, New Delhi metro station”. Now I have to go New Delhi Station to catch my usual train.

I came out of metro station a hot air slap me on my face at the exit and i woke up. I found India which was very different from one of metro-train. At a walk-able distance of 100 meter. There was another station and there was another train I need to get in. I moved inside the station, it was completely chaotic. Some people were sleeping on the floor inside the station as there were no benches. There were paper-walas selling papers in sync with chai-wala. Newly established CISF check post was just symbolic. They were shouting at people and teaching how to keep their luggage at the x-ray machine. Then there were sound of crying babies in arms of their elder siblings , may be because their mother were busy in getting a ticket in Diwali rush and had not fed them. I already had a ticket, so after searching the train and platform. I went and sat inside my train.

It was completely two different world living at just the distance of 100 meters. Unaware of each other. Each one is in hurry and

Are you proposing me?

Nisha was sitting on a luxurious big softy corner couch in her big green color living room. Her mom was cooking in a open kitchen while her dad and younger bother were watching second semi-final of world cup 2011 between India and Pakistan. Nisha was giggling while playing with her iPhone 4S. Her brother glanced at her on one of her giggles and said something in anger which he only could have heard. Her dad unaware of all these were little anxious when Umar Akmal started hitting boundaries.

Suddenly Nisha got a call on her new iPhone 4S. She received it but voice was not audible then she went to terrace to hear the voice which was coming from other side of the phone. It was her friend Trisha who was explaining her about Ritish marriage which she got to know from Nripul.

Nisha could not believe that Ritish is getting married. It was the Techriti 2009, IIT Kanpur technical festival when they first met. Ritish was busy with his robot while Nisha passed by throwing a comment sarcastically “which one is robot” and laughed. Ritish was getting ready for final of robotics competition. Robotics final attracts lot of audience, this year Nisha was one of them. She did not care too much but she noticed that Ritish won the final. When she looked towards Ritish she found out that he was already looking at her with a broad healing smile.

A year later in July 2010 Nisha joined Deutsche Bank(DB). After the completing lot of formalities she came to her cube and sighed “finally“. She covered her face momentarily with her palms and when she opened her eyes she saw a well shaved, suited, athletic guy was walking towards her and with a broad smile on his face. He greeted Nisha with same broad smile stretching her hand for a handshake.

pehchana mujhe”  asked Ritish.

I don’t remember but your face looks pehchana pehchana “  replied Nisha.

You have attended Techkriti 2009, right?” asked Ritish.

“Yes” Nisha Nodded.

“You remember winner of robotics final ” Ritish asked again.

“No” Nisha replied.  

“Which one is robot” does this bring a bell.

Nisha’s pupils dilatedShe smiled and said “don’t say you are that robotic looking guy, because i cannot believe it“. “Unfortunately I am the same guy.”  said Ritish.

“Hi, I am Nisha” Nisha introduced herself stretching her hand for another handshake.

“Ritish” answered Ritish.

Before Ritish turns to go to his cube Nisha has decided that she is gonna marry this guy one day.

Now Ritish and Nisha can be spotted everywhere together. Nisha was staying with her parents in Mumbai while Ritish in a flat. But both have visited each other abodes. If someones want to know whereabouts of Nisha then they will ask Ritish and vice-versa. If you ask anyone who doesn’t know Nisha and Ritish they will say both are committed. But it was not the case. Though they know they are in love with each other but none of them has proposed or said, ever, anything, other than, being friends.

She came back to living room with moist eyes, her younger brother found this little soothing thinking now he can see match without any giggles. But Nisha’s mother notices Nisha’s moist eyes and went near to her and pulled her to Nisha’s room. One can easily spot white color Mac Book Air, iPod, iPad on her table in yellow colored room and a bright yellow table cover. Nisha’s mom inquired about Nisha’s sadness.

Nisha told that she wants to marry Ritish and she knows he also loves her. But when Trisha informed her about Ritish getting married tomorrow. She cannnot  believe that how he can do this to her. She got permission from her parents to visit Ritish at his home. Next morning, Nisha and Trisha took the first flight from Mumbai to Varanasi and asked Nripul to join them at Varanasi airport.  When Nisha & Trisha reached Varanasi they found Nripul already waiting for them. They booked a cab from Varanasi to Saidpur, a place from where Ritish village is hardy two kilometers away.

They directly reached to Ritish home. It was a very big home. In front of house there was huge open space surrounded by a fence and a huge metallic gate. It was around 2 pm. A guy in a turban was giving some instruction to people standing is semi-circle, this was Ritish. As soon as cab stop near the huge gate a tall, slim, gorgeous girl came out of the car. Everyone looks towards the girl with open mouth. Ritish stopped giving instruction and looked towards gate. He was surprised to see Nisha here. With a smile he was moving towards Nisha while Nisha was moving towards him with a determination to teach him a lesson . Before Ritish says anything Nisha slapped him and just few seconds later she noticed a girl in haldi and menhdi saying “bhaiya yahi Nisha hai“.

So you are not getting married” asked Nisha.

I am getting married, bhabhi” replied Ritish’s sister.

I hate you Ritish, I really hate you” Nisha blushed and hugged Ritish.

Are you proposing me?” teased Ritish.

Everybody started laughing and they slowly disappeared to work. Nisha hugged Ritish’s sister while congratulating her and went inside the bungalow.

Why I don’t hate Chetan Bhagat!

I belong to very small village. Where at the time of my schooldays there were no English medium schools. Knowing English at time was known as very prestigious. Fortunately I got selected in a boarding school and unfortunately unlike in other branches, mostly south Indian branches, of my school teachers don’t speak English even while teaching Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics though courses were in English medium. Another unfortunate thing was unlike our Hindi teacher our English teacher was not a good teacher though very knowledgeable.

So, I won’t blame just my school but my whole surrounding  for my being weak in English and my shy nature just adder more to it. Then I came to college hoping to learn better speaking and writing English. Seeing lots of smart kids reading lots of novels and being so fluent speaker in English I got inspired. Its worthy to note here that I won some prizes in Hindi extempore though. Wondering where to start went to one of wing-mates room, I don’t remember who he was. I found there a book lying on his table “Five Point Someone”. First thing which attracted me about this book was its writer Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

Well I picked up that book and took it to my room with permission of my friend. Then it took me around a month to complete that book. Its worthy to note that I completed Chetan Bhagat’s last book, Revolution 2020, in just one day. That was the inception of my being a reader, a reader of novels. During those college days i knew nothing about novels but all four novels written by Chetan Bhagat.

I still remember how emotional fool i had turned into after  reading his “Two States”. Though only reason I bought this book, at varanasi station, was its price and thickness. But i can say out of all five books so for written by Chetan Bhagat my favorite is Two States. May be because I had spend one year in south india during my school days and i am aware of cultures in both parts of India.

After reading books of some good foreign writers as well as Indian writers I felt how simple English Chetan Bhagat uses in his novels. Well this could be main reason for lots of people hating him and being jealous of him. But for me his simple English and cheaper novel,price wise, encouraged to learn English by reading. Not just me I have lots of people around me who all have started reading novels with “Five Point Someone” though reasons could differ but it gave the starting point. It helped not just me but lots of people to overcome the inertia.

Thanks Chetan Bhagal, you may not inspire the people of higher strata but surely you are inspiring people from villages and small towns and more or less you are bridging the gap between people. How? Well by teaching them English, giving them confidence that they understand English.