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How deep shall we dig?

These days “Ram mandir and Babri Masjid” case is very much discussion of any conversations. I read a beautiful essay written by Arundhati Roy, titled “How deep shall we dig?”. I am going to discuss here the thought process put forward by Ms Roy.

According Ms Roy, there is no need to change the status-quo. As she is regarded as leftist scholar. It is easy to believe why she said it: because of her ideological inclination. May be. But she gave reasons which are more profound and rational than any reasons on this topic I have ever read.

According to Ms Roy, if we dig the Mosque, we can find a temple. But what if we don’t stop there and keep digging. What will happen then? And when we should stop digging if we are going to stop at all? According to her, if we keep digging there might appear, another temple of other Hindu god other than Ram, further there might appear a Vaishnavite temple. If we dig deeper there might appear some Buddhist stupa as it was prevailing religion in India once. Further there might appear some God of tribal people.  So, there is no rationale in digging the mosque at the first place. If anything that can be a reason, it would be a political one.

This reason is way far more rational than emotional reason like respecting the sentiments of the Hindu. But people who give such reasons forget about the Muslim sentiments. Or if  we take larger picture, how it will affect India’s foreign policy while dealing with Muslims majority countries of middle east on which we are still dependent for oil, security and remittances. 1992 demolition has given a blow to Indian foreign policy. Pakistan was able to keep India out of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC). Now Pakistan uses this same platform to raise issue of Kashmir and tries to internationalise it.

Further, India is opposed to Pakistan’s two nation theory. If we build a temple by force at the place of the mosque, we will legitimise the existence of Pakistan. If I am right, Pakistan will be praying for something similar to happen. So they can give reasons to their future generations about their separation from India and why Bangladesh broke away from them.

What is needed is: a non-violent and peaceful solution. Also if we go for out of court settlement trust deficit will remain. It is better to go for formal judicial court-room fight. Like Allahabad judgement which was peaceful, SC can also give some reasonable and peaceful solution. As a country, let celebrate our differences. Lets fight through debate and discussion not through hate speeches.


My Idea of Indian Nationalism..

Recent events have made me to contemplate about the Idea of Indian Nationalism. I was troubled to see how nationalism of a country which is known for its “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” have become exclusionary. Instead of saying proudly we are Nationalists, people felt proud to point out who are anti-Nationalists.

Violence was another face of the this chauvinist Nationalism. It is deplorable to imagine a country which won its freedom on principles of Truth and Non-violence has started associating itself with violence. In such a difficult time let me paint a picture of Indian  Nationalism from my point of few.

Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada”  song from movie “Purab Aur Paschim” sums it up the idea of Indian Nationalism for me. For me Indian Nationalism has been about spreading LOVE, irrespective of who we are facing or what condition we are in. Love has depth to win the heart of any enemy.

Indian Nationalism is as much as about NON-VIOLENCE as about Love. If we can defeat the mighty Britishers using non-violence, why we are so afraid of few miscreants that too when we are born and brought up in the Land of Gandhi, Ambedkar, Nehru and Patel.

Further, Indian Nationalism is about its rich DIVERSITY. It is a country which is known for its Unity in Diversity philosophy. We should cherish our diversity and feel proud of its rich cultural and geographical richness. Indian Nationalism is about feelings of BROTHERHOOD towards the fellow human beings.

We should never forget, that India is a land where if Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were born it also raised children like Tagore, Kabir and Buddha. India is rainbow country, people who are trying to remove the prism should know that India will loose its all colours which we are proud of.

So, lets start associating Indian Nationalism with Love, Non-Violence, Diversity and Brotherhood. Lets start building the India of Gandhiji’s dream, lets start taking India towards the path of Vishvaguru.

Why AAP?

There are lots of debates going on about AAP and its politics. Here I am going to mention why we should support AAP.

First and foremost, it has encourage the decriminalization of the Indian politics. AAP inspired to Rahul Gandhi to tore the Ordinance which would have allowed MPs/MLAs to stay in Parliament/Assembly even after conviction. It also inspired people with cleaner background to join the politics. It inspired CEOs and MDs of big companies to join the politics along with many others. It put ethics back in the political sphere of India.

Secondly, it has promoted a civic culture in the dormant people of India who had assumed that nothing good can happen in Indian politics. Many people have started participating in the civic activities. Now they are more vigilant and responsible citizens. They are inspired to fight for their rights. It has inspired people to come out on the street to put their demands to the government. It has brought the democracy to people. Pt Nehru once said if people cannot come to democracy then we must bring democracy to them. This is what AAP has done.

AAP was born out the anti-corruption campaign and it has proved that it truly is the party against any type of corruption and any level. Thus it has bring the accountability into the government and has popularized the used of RTI. RTI has helped to uncover many scandals and corruption. Many of these RTIs were filed by the AAP activists. Thus for a corruption free politics and an efficient system AAP like parties are needed to come forward which AAP has done.

Delhi election will not only define the course of politics in Delhi but in whole India. People will vote for cleaner,progressive and deserving candidates. Parties will be more sensitive to the need of the people. Dictatorship of the elected representatives will be gone. They will realize that they are not the king but the servant. They are there to serve the people not to rule over them. This will make parties more transparent. They might agree to come under RTI and may start posting details of their donors. This is reduce any chance of the quid pro quo.

So, if a party is promising such enormous amount of positive changes to the Indian politics, it surely deserves one more chance. It surely deserves to come in majority and show people what is has in the store for the common people and India. I am sure everyone has seen the 49 days of governance of AAP. wasn’t that like a revolution? wasn’t that like a second independence? wasn’t that made system efficient and transparent? wasn’t that brought relieve to poor and downtrodden? Think before you vote! Think !

How to Kill Pakistan?

India is almost a nuclear triad now and have enough stockpile of nuclear warheads to wipe out Pakistan from the world map by just one full scale surprise attack. Easy!! isn’t it? Well what can be consequences as Pakistan cannot attack us back, in such situation other nuclear powers can threat us to wipe out. Well!! then our nuclear triad capability will come handy. Problem solved for ever.

Well, there is a catch! Can we really afford to wipe out the Pakistan by killing 180 million people? Won’t world will hate us more than they hate Hitler or Mussolini? What we really gain from such a genocide apart from satisfying the egoism of few leaders? People talking about wiping out Pakistan really know anything about ‘Humanism’? They know what is India’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in world politics? They really know what is theory behind Pakistan existence?

Well, its hard to answer all these questions in this single post. So, i will just focus on the theory behind the existence of Pakistan. Jinnah’s two nation theory gave birth to Pakistan. According to two nation theory, Indian Hindus and Muslims are two distinct nationalities, regardless of ethnic or other commonalities. In simple words Pakistan is for Muslims and India for Hindus. This two nation theory ideology mobilized Muslims for the Pakistan movement which resulted into creation of Pakistan. So how did India counter that? Most of you have guessed it correctly, SECULARISM. Secularism is India’s USP as for as the world’s politics is concerned. Pakistan is not as much afraid of the nuclear weapons as of secularism. When Farah Khan, a Muslim lady, presents an idol of Ganesha, a Hindu god to Kapil on ‘Comedy Night with Kapil’; when Sachin is praised by Pakistan medias, when Indian TV serials show love and affection and attack patriarchy to Pakistani viewers; When superstar Khans have more Hindu fans than Muslim fans; when Hindu celebrates Eid and Muslim celebrates Diwali, they all hit at the root of Pakistan, very reason for Pakistan’s existence.Think!!

Do you know India is second largest home to Muslim population in the world? Can you guess which is first? No, its not Pakistan. In fact Pakistan comes third after India. Answer is Indonesia. This again is a huge blow at the very root of Pakistan. How can India host more Muslim population than Pakistan if Pakistan preaches that India is only for Hindus and Pakistan is for only Muslims. How Pakistan can justify its existence? What reason it will give to its intelligentsia, who supports collaboration with India on every aspects and want to grow with India?

So, bottom line is, secularism can do what nuclear weapons cannot! If you genuinely love a Muslim and celebrate Eid as if its your own festival and part of your own culture it will kill Pakistan, though slowly but surely! But if there are riots, like Muzaffarnagar, they will only strengthen ‘two nation theory of Jinnah’ and make the Pakistan’s root stronger which secularism have almost halved since 1947.

P.S.: I am not saying India should stop its military modernization. In fact I am supporter of ‘क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को जिसके पास गरल है’.