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Real Dream Girl

He called her. She came. It was Navratra time. He invited her for Chicken party at a friend’s place. Both shared a plate. He praised her carelessly ‘tum kinni beautiful ho be’. She responded with a glitter and bit naughtiness ‘wo toh mai huhi’.

This was surreal. But just a dream.

However, she said, she doesn’t eat non-veg during Navratra. But when she came, they din’t share the plate. And when he praised her ‘tum kinni beautiful ho be”. She coldly replied ‘kuchh bhi bolte ho tum”.

But in reality she never showed up.


Color Balloons…

Colourful Holi is coming yet again. Fifth for me in Delhi. It has been memorable journey so far. Filled with struggle and excitement. But as this Holi approaches, it reminds me of an incident which happened during my first Holi in Delhi.

It was 2013. I had just shifted from Bengaluru to Delhi to get started with UPSC preparation . I was staying in a hostel near Nirankari colony in North Delhi. Much like every evening I took a walk from my hostel to the colony for evening snacks. I was alone and immersed in my own thought. It was all going good. But then something surprising happened.

A balloon hit me. It was not filled with colour but just plain water. I was taken aback. Both the sudden event and cold water startled me. I looked in the direction of the balloon. First reaction was bit of disappointment which suddenly turned into a broad smile. There was a cute-little girl with one more balloon ready in her hand. She didn’t hide after throwing the first balloon but waited for my reaction. When I looked towards her. She said “Happy Holi”. And then when she saw me smiling she threw the other balloon in her hand and kept smiling. That made my Holi ‘happy’ for sure.

That was beginning of Holi for me in Delhi. Most probably this will be ending of Holi for me in Delhi. I have shifted to ORN(Old Rejendra Nagar) now. So far many balloons have passed by me leaving me untouched. But main difference here is: its hard to find throwers.

How not to fall in love…

It’s a long time ago. I was in my first year (2005). I was not as bright in college as I was in my school. It happens with most of us. So i used to consult with one of my friends from the Physics department. He used to clear my doubts related to study. I am from CSE department but he chose Physics out of interest, just to be fair with both of us.

One evening I was at his room. It was E-bot wing of Hall-2. Given he was very good in the study I was afraid to share about my most latest crush which i had. It was seriously troubling me. I needed someone to talk to. Surely i was looking for a permanent solution as having crushes that too very frequently was troubling me academically and Psychologically. But at last I dared to share with him about my trouble.

At first he laughed. Then he told me its normal, even he used to have lots of crushes then he started noticing the nostril of girls. He told me that very few people have cute nostrils. This implies very few girls have cute nostrils. Nose is at the center of face and if center is not good you can hardly get attracted to periphery. All that one is required to do is focus on the center -at the nostril.

Well, to my surprise it really helped me. I still gets lots of crushes but now they never trouble me because nostrils save me all the time.

Thus its goes both ways. If guys can use nostril to avoid falling in love with girls so as girls can use it against guys too. But I know it will be more helpful to guys as hardly girls get crushes but we guys have it all the time.

So in case you wanna NOT to fall in love, notice the nostril. It will save you for most of the time. But at the same time if someone has got cute nostril then I would suggest that there is nothing wrong in going ahead with her and if possible marrying her.