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Complex Bar Chart

So, what is Complex Bar Chart? Complex Bar Chart is name of the bar chart’s type which combines simplest vertical bar chart with composite bar chart. This mixing of the simple vertical bar with composite one is to tackle the complexity of the stacked bar chart.

Here is what a stacked bar chart looks like?


Now what are issues with this stacked bar chart?

1. Its hard to know the values of stacks lying on the second, third and above levels.
2. Its hard to compare the stacks lying on the second, third and above level.
3. This method is suitable only for two entities that too when their percentages are taken into account. For example.

Here is how a composite bar chart looks like?


Here is how a simple Bar looks like?


Here is how a complex bar chart and a stacked bat chart look like?

Complex_Bar_Chart2 Stacked_Bar_Chart



So, finally what are advantages of the Complex Bar Chart over Stacked Bar chart?

1. Its easy to compare among the items of one bar. So its kind of intra-bar comparison.

2. Its easy to compare among the same kind of items in different bars. So its kind of inter-bar comparison.

3. It still has the overall trend showing characteristic of the stacked bar chart.

So, these are the main advantages and they are pretty important because charts are designed to find out the trends. This Complex Bar Chart shows the trends more effectively and among more items than Stacked Bar chart does.


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Our perception of reality …

We wonder, what is reality? Is there any world beyond or parallel to ours? Do animals and birds have different perception of reality? Should be believe in God or Higher Dimensions? All these questions are so much human, in fact they make us what we are – a conscious being. So let me elaborate a little bit on human’s perception of reality.

For us reality consists of world around us which we can sense using our senses. Beyond that, for us humans, reality doesn’t exist. We sense sound, light, taste, touch and smell. Beyond these our perception of reality vanishes. We cannot see full spectrum of light but only the visible part of it. We cannot hear beyond a limit on both sides of sound space. We cannot differentiate all the tastes neither we are having knowledge of all tastes. How about touch? We cannot enjoy the touch the way other living beings enjoy. We may not feel the way a tree feels when it is touched. Surely there are things which we human cannot smell but dogs can. That’s why every security agency has dog squads. So there are limitations.

So, beyond these limits human beings are blind. They don’t see, feel,hear, taste or smell anything even though things do exist beyond these limits too. So, how about God and Higher Dimensions?

Anyone or anything which we cannot perceive using our senses and technology we possess today-which surely adds to our perception of reality – may call Him God or beings from Higher Dimension. But as we cannot prove their existence would it better to deny their existence? Or it would be good to accept our limitation and their existence? These questions are really hard and every Philosopher is trying to find the answers to them. So for time being let leave its to individual to decide what s/he wants to believe in.

In concluding remark, I would like to add that there are realities beyond ours. But first we have to make our reality better and beautiful then we should move further for the betterment of the reality which is beyond ours.

This article is inspired by this TED talk.

P.S.: “Follow what is within your experience and do not trouble yourself with what lies beyond the province of human experience”– Jalavi to Rama

A holi with Firdausi

Firdausi was a famous Iranian poet. He felt very sorry when the king of Iran offered him a monetary award for his work. He decided to leave his kingdom instead.

Here I was with another Firdausi. It was 6th of March. It was Holi of 2015. It was first time when I celebrated a Holi with total strangers belonging to all castes and religions. This was first Holi when me, and my two sisters-one elder to me and another younger to me – were very sad still very happy to be together when no one was around us known to us.

It was a famous premise of a private Hospital in the Varanasi, the city of Ghats. This Hospital is famous for handling critical patients, my younger sister was admitted here.

We three decided to let others from our family celebrate the Holi and sent them all home. Considering there are kids and its very big festivals, we three stick together for each other and let others make kids happy at home. We, in a way, felt very happy to be together in an ICU of the Hospital and felt a bit of pride in making others happy on the occasion of the Holi.

But suddenly, I realised there is only one nurse taking care of whole floor where all ICUs were present. She was busy, she was tired, she was alone, but she was still humble and dutiful. She was Firdausi. She was not getting irritated like the other nurses, neither she was showing unnecessary attitude.

We all think that if someone celebrate festivals of other religion then only she can be true secular. But what if someone from other religion offers help to people of other religion so that they can celebrate their colorful festival with their loved ones. Is not she a true secular? In my opinion she is.

This is what our Firdausi did. She did not go to home, not because she does not like Holi. On contrary she had enjoyed a lot her previous Holis. But this was her first year in the Hospital and she offered to stay back. She let the Hindu people go home and celebrate Holi. In fact she insisted on staying back alone when another Hindu nurse offered to stay back to give her a company.

She kept running whole day. At last, evening came and few nurses and a doctor came to the third floor ICUs. They brought sweets and sat in the office just outside the ICUs. Someone claimed “let me take the sweet first,I am a Brahmin” . She, our Firdausi, interrupted and said “take sweets first on the Eid, I am tired and hungry I am going to have it first”. Everyone laughed and they all ate together. In fact doctor had promised that he would offer sweet to my ill sister. He did offer her a sweet but advised not to eat it. So I had it at last.

This was our Firdausi. Who did not leave but fought and won. I wish Iranian Firdausi could have stayed and taught some good lesson to his king too. Nevertheless I got to learn another meaning of Secularism. A meaning which might have taken years to sink, sunk in, just in one day. I felt delighted by this act and new meaning of the Secularism. I wish one day we can all learn this meaning of Secularism too.

I am corrupt?

I had to drop one of friends to station, New Delhi Railway station. She was travelling by train for the first time. So i obliged her request to accompany her to the station. When I was going to pick her up my roommate asked me to buy a platform ticket. He suggested that it will cost Rs 5 only. I nodded in yes.

We took an auto-rickshaw from Mukharjee Nagar to New Delhi station. There were 15 minutes left for the train to leave the station. It was already standing at the platform. I looked for the counter to buy platform ticket. There were around 5-6 counters only for the platform tickets. But only one was open and there was huge queue that too when there was no one on the other side of the window.

In such scenario, my friend got little worried. So, thinking to pay the penalty for the platform ticket, I took her to her train- Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani 12440. We reached just 5 minutes before the departure time. She was now relieved that she did not miss the train while she was surely worried about the huge crowd and condition of the New Delhi station. According to her government could have done better at least for the New Delhi station as it is capital city.

After the train left. I moved to come out of the station. To my surprise there was no one manning the exit. I don’t know what to do. To whom should i pay the fine? Am i being corrupt here? Is it my fault? Lots of questions popped up in my mind.

I wondered had there been any mobile or online based facility for the platform ticket or all platform ticket counters would have opened or there would have someone manning the exit, I would have avoided being corrupt. I still feel guilty.

What is Corruption?

We all have heard this word so many times but hardly we know what it really means.So first let me define it for you. Corruption is misuse of the public post/position for the personal gain. But this definition is clearly a narrow one and focused mainly on the public servants. Corruption can be present as much as in private as in public sphere. For example jumping queue, not paying taxes, favoring relatives even when there are other better options are forms of corruption.

Thus corruption is: not doing what you are expected to do according to laws, rules and regulations. Thus its all about performing ones duty in public and private life. If you are doing your duty according to laws,rules and regulations then you are not a corrupt person otherwise you are.

Lots of people wonder whether watching a corrupt practice and not doing anything about is a corruption or not? If you ask me, I would say it a corruption because you are not doing your duty as citizen here. You should try to report this to appropriate authority. But yes, most of us do not go ahead with the reporting because there are no easy way to do it or worried that we will get involved in an unnecessary time consuming activity which is not directly related to us. So, more than that person watching, its fault of that person giving and the person taking the bribe. But they are able to take the bribe because they know We,The People of India, will not do anything to stop the same. Thus its duty of We,The people of India, to make an effort to stop the same.

We all wonder that how this corruption can be controlled. My suggestion is focus on values rather than just focusing on the laws,rules and regulation. Children should be taught “Honesty is the good policy”. Values education should start at the level of the family and family should be a role model for the growing children. If a father is cheating in front of his children then those children will think cheating is ok! At this very moment we create future corrupt public servants. Thus values inculcation is most important way to handle the menace of corruption along with the appropriate laws,rules and regulations.

P.S.”गिरते है शह-सवार ही मैदाने-जंग मे, वो तिफ्ल क्याँ गीरें जो घुटनो के बल चलें !”