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My idea of God!

At the age of 23, mind of Bhagat Singh was so matured that it could think and articulate something like “Why I am an atheist”. I have wondered how these people at such a young age achieved this much maturity. And every time I got only this answer: they were rational and fearless readers and thinkers.

So, I also started contemplating about the idea of God. There are may theory related to existence and non-existence of God. Some people believe in singularity of God, others in multiplicity of His existence. Some people think God lives in temple/mosque/church/etc, others believe He resides in the heart of people.

I, on the other hand, believe God resides in the human body but not in the heart. In fact I don’t think there is some third party called God who resides in us. It’s part of us. Actually according to me God doesn’t exit at all. It’s we who have created God, not the other way around.

So, what is it that we call God? I have read and taught myself about the power of subconscious mind. The part of mind which made more than 85% of our mind. If you don’t know about your subconscious mind, probably you don’t know about yourself. We keep listening in many teachings which say  “know thyself”. This same quote also appeared in movie The Matrix when Neo went to meet the Oracle for the very first time.

So, why all religions, all spiritual teachings keep telling about knowing yourself. What is inside us which we need to know, one may wonder. However, I have come to conclusion that these all teachings are talking about knowing one’s subconscious mind and about its power. This is what we call God. You call it God or subconscious mind, choice is yours. But know what you are addressing or interacting with. Its not the statue or any other symbols but its your subconscious mind. Isn’t it become easy and comfortable to communicate if you know who you are talking to? One might have heard about theory of Chinese whisper. So it becomes even worse to communicate indirectly. More lengthy is the line, more noisy communication would happen.

So, know your God. It’s your subconscious mind. Know how to communicate with it. Know how to use it. Know how to improve it. And know yourself. This is what God is. This is why Bhagat Singh became an atheist. This is why you  need to contemplate. Think about Buddha or Mahavira. Learn about Geeta or Kuran. This is what all have talked about “know thyself”.


How deep shall we dig?

These days “Ram mandir and Babri Masjid” case is very much discussion of any conversations. I read a beautiful essay written by Arundhati Roy, titled “How deep shall we dig?”. I am going to discuss here the thought process put forward by Ms Roy.

According Ms Roy, there is no need to change the status-quo. As she is regarded as leftist scholar. It is easy to believe why she said it: because of her ideological inclination. May be. But she gave reasons which are more profound and rational than any reasons on this topic I have ever read.

According to Ms Roy, if we dig the Mosque, we can find a temple. But what if we don’t stop there and keep digging. What will happen then? And when we should stop digging if we are going to stop at all? According to her, if we keep digging there might appear, another temple of other Hindu god other than Ram, further there might appear a Vaishnavite temple. If we dig deeper there might appear some Buddhist stupa as it was prevailing religion in India once. Further there might appear some God of tribal people.  So, there is no rationale in digging the mosque at the first place. If anything that can be a reason, it would be a political one.

This reason is way far more rational than emotional reason like respecting the sentiments of the Hindu. But people who give such reasons forget about the Muslim sentiments. Or if  we take larger picture, how it will affect India’s foreign policy while dealing with Muslims majority countries of middle east on which we are still dependent for oil, security and remittances. 1992 demolition has given a blow to Indian foreign policy. Pakistan was able to keep India out of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC). Now Pakistan uses this same platform to raise issue of Kashmir and tries to internationalise it.

Further, India is opposed to Pakistan’s two nation theory. If we build a temple by force at the place of the mosque, we will legitimise the existence of Pakistan. If I am right, Pakistan will be praying for something similar to happen. So they can give reasons to their future generations about their separation from India and why Bangladesh broke away from them.

What is needed is: a non-violent and peaceful solution. Also if we go for out of court settlement trust deficit will remain. It is better to go for formal judicial court-room fight. Like Allahabad judgement which was peaceful, SC can also give some reasonable and peaceful solution. As a country, let celebrate our differences. Lets fight through debate and discussion not through hate speeches.

Color Balloons…

Colourful Holi is coming yet again. Fifth for me in Delhi. It has been memorable journey so far. Filled with struggle and excitement. But as this Holi approaches, it reminds me of an incident which happened during my first Holi in Delhi.

It was 2013. I had just shifted from Bengaluru to Delhi to get started with UPSC preparation . I was staying in a hostel near Nirankari colony in North Delhi. Much like every evening I took a walk from my hostel to the colony for evening snacks. I was alone and immersed in my own thought. It was all going good. But then something surprising happened.

A balloon hit me. It was not filled with colour but just plain water. I was taken aback. Both the sudden event and cold water startled me. I looked in the direction of the balloon. First reaction was bit of disappointment which suddenly turned into a broad smile. There was a cute-little girl with one more balloon ready in her hand. She didn’t hide after throwing the first balloon but waited for my reaction. When I looked towards her. She said “Happy Holi”. And then when she saw me smiling she threw the other balloon in her hand and kept smiling. That made my Holi ‘happy’ for sure.

That was beginning of Holi for me in Delhi. Most probably this will be ending of Holi for me in Delhi. I have shifted to ORN(Old Rejendra Nagar) now. So far many balloons have passed by me leaving me untouched. But main difference here is: its hard to find throwers.

Who is more patriotic?

Let me start by saying that I am totally against the idea of Nationalism which is exclusive in nature. Instead I support the idea of Patriotism which is inclusive in nature. Here I am going to paint two scenarios and I would like know who are more patriotic?

There is a girl named Geeta. She said something which lets say some people, who called themselves Desh-bhakts, find anti-national. So they tried to beat her up. If they could not. They tried to threaten her with gang-rape and started bringing her old videos or posts on social media to mock her and ridicule her.

However when Geeta, was threaten she went to institutions which make India for her protection. She complained with police and other agencies about this hate and threat which she received.

Now, here is one to decide who is more patriotic. The desh-bhakts or the girl, Geeta. When something which desh-bhakts didn’t like they think its their duty to make it right or teach her a lesson. They did not believe in the institutions of India. They could have approached to Police and filed a complaint about any anti-national things. But they took law in their hands. This makes India look a ‘weak-state’. But Geeta believed in idea of India and in its institutions. She made India look ‘strong-state’. Now you decide who did more disservice to idea of India and Indian-state? Who is more patriotic?

Boredom is bad!

I am staying in a 2BHK flat in Baljeet Nagar, Shadipur with my flatmate. I shifted to this place just before the CSE-2016 preliminary examination. I could have shifted anywhere. But i shifted to this very place because there were three of my friends staying here. And I joined them as fourth member.

It was very pleasant and happy environment till the CSM-2016. But after this exam got over. We had fun for few days. But eventually fun time got over. And two of my flatmates left the flat. One went to Bengaluru and other to Bihar(his native). So eventually we two were left at the flat.

However, out of two of us, it was only me who was left to spend time in the flat. My flatmate was busy working in some coaching from 10am to 8pm and if he feels he goes to either to his sister or some friends place. So i was left alone for whole night after spending alone whole day. Its not i did not like solitude. After after sometime one needs someone to talk to.

So, I started going for evening walks with my friends. I went to nearby Rock Garden for walks. Not that, I even went till Karol Bagh for have a chat with friends and spend some time with  them. Till now only companion had been my maid. But she also generally appears only when my roommate appears. She doesn’t like cooking for single person.

Eventually, I decided to move out of the place and shift to Karol Bagh. Place where i had many friends and at least I won’t be waiting for anyone to come home every night who eventually doesn’t come. Also Karol Bagh has very good environment for UPSC aspirants. So I took this risk even if at the higher cost of living. My Personal economy is hurting me. But I had to take some decision to make things happen.

Now, i will be shifting to Karol Bagh or Rajendra Place to be precise. Here I am hoping to have good company and better study environment. Lets hope for the best. Lets see, if I am here till June or October. I am hoping for the best but training my mind to be ready for the worst.

Handrail: How Important it is!

Today, I was saved by following simple instructions which I learned from my PET (Physical Education Training) teacher in school and Warning boards put all across the stairways in INTEL.

While in school, my teacher will advice us to keep our both hand free. Hands are best friends of a man. They are first and best defence against any unseen and sudden objects. So if they are free they can protect us from falling badly, they can protect us from flies and insects or even balls.

However, Warnings on Intel’s stairways read number of accident and death due to not following the staircase etiquette. So what is that etiquette? Always, I repeat, always put your one hand on handrail. It will save you from any staircase mishap.

Now, coming to my incident. I am staying in a flat in Shadipur. There is very narrow stairway and there is always dark there. So, while using staircase one has to use mobile’s light to see clearly. So I was holding my mobile in one hand with its light on and I was holding handrail with my left hand. Suddenly, I slipped. I literally made a 360 round around that corner of staircase. Given I was holding mobile in right hand, only help came from my left hand which was holding handrail tightly.

I wonder, if I would have not holding that handrail, I might have been in some hospital now. Given the narrowness and darkness in the staircase, I might have had some serious injuries. But I was saved by simple rule of holding on to the handrail. So hold that handrail.

iT versus IT

While reading News, many times we get confused with the abbreviation used for Information Technology and Income Tax. For Information Technology abbreviation used is IT while for Income Tax it I-T, note the dash between I and T. So there is only difference of dash (-) and sometime Newspapers remove this dash in lack of space in the headline.

So, it becomes difficult to understand what it means when a headline reads “IT booms put India ahead”. Whether it is Information Technology or Income Tax. To know what IT means here one has to dive into the details to know what article is talking about.

So, to overcome this confusion. I suggest to use iT, small italic ‘i‘ and capital ‘T’ together for Information Technology. Whereas leaving IT abbreviation for Income Tax. Given ‘i‘, the small italic i, has been associated with Information Technology, it would be easy to understand and differentiate between iT and IT.

I hope media house and social media one day will take note of this and follow the convention to improve the readability a bit. Ruby on Rails follows strategy of preferring Convention over Configuration for better readability of code. Nothing is wrong in following a good convention here too.

My Idea of Indian Nationalism..

Recent events have made me to contemplate about the Idea of Indian Nationalism. I was troubled to see how nationalism of a country which is known for its “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” have become exclusionary. Instead of saying proudly we are Nationalists, people felt proud to point out who are anti-Nationalists.

Violence was another face of the this chauvinist Nationalism. It is deplorable to imagine a country which won its freedom on principles of Truth and Non-violence has started associating itself with violence. In such a difficult time let me paint a picture of Indian  Nationalism from my point of few.

Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada”  song from movie “Purab Aur Paschim” sums it up the idea of Indian Nationalism for me. For me Indian Nationalism has been about spreading LOVE, irrespective of who we are facing or what condition we are in. Love has depth to win the heart of any enemy.

Indian Nationalism is as much as about NON-VIOLENCE as about Love. If we can defeat the mighty Britishers using non-violence, why we are so afraid of few miscreants that too when we are born and brought up in the Land of Gandhi, Ambedkar, Nehru and Patel.

Further, Indian Nationalism is about its rich DIVERSITY. It is a country which is known for its Unity in Diversity philosophy. We should cherish our diversity and feel proud of its rich cultural and geographical richness. Indian Nationalism is about feelings of BROTHERHOOD towards the fellow human beings.

We should never forget, that India is a land where if Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were born it also raised children like Tagore, Kabir and Buddha. India is rainbow country, people who are trying to remove the prism should know that India will loose its all colours which we are proud of.

So, lets start associating Indian Nationalism with Love, Non-Violence, Diversity and Brotherhood. Lets start building the India of Gandhiji’s dream, lets start taking India towards the path of Vishvaguru.

A Complete Man….

“One dimensional man” is a theory propounded by Herbert Marcuse. According to this theory man has turned into nothing but a Consumer only. A man has no other attributes.  I would like to expand this theory from sphere of Economics to Social sphere here. I propose that man is one dimensional because of various filters which he inherits from the social constructs.

A man belongs to a religion, to a caste, to a region, to a nation, to a sex, to a class and to many more such social constructs which narrow down his vision and limit his thinking ability. One may wonder that these are more than one dimensions, so how a man is a one dimensional. I would say, these are all constraints and conditionalities which make a man to walk on a straight line. These constraints and conditionalities make sure that a man doesn’t get to know that there are many more paths and dimensions, which sometimes have same aim but different journey experiences. This is how these constraints control the thinking process of a man, by not letting him know what to think about.

Half truth is still not a truth, logically speaking. Also there is no significance of a Truth if you are not aware of the False and their differences. So how a man would know that his religion is the Truth without knowing the False. Mind it, I am not saying any religion is false. Its about where a man stands, its all relative. False itself it Truth. And Truth is False. All religions restrict their followers to only one religion and make them believe that theirs is the best religion. Religion puts constraints on human mind to think or explore the other religion, to expand the dimension of human personality. Thus it deprives him from experience of other dimensions.

Similar is case with caste, region, nation, sex and class too. These all make a man one dimensional. These constraint don’t allow a man to add more dimensions to its personality. So, how a man can be a complete without exploring or adding many more dimensions to his personality.

If a man wants to know how it feels to be a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Christian he can not learn if he thinks, his religion is the best. If a man thinks  Break the shackles, come out of prejudice, learn , experience, and then he will feel being a complete man. At this point of time, a man would not be thinking about Truth of False, but the experiences and learning which he would have missed had he not broken those social chains.

Universe is multidimensional so as the human personality. Let us break all these social constraints, which make us walk on one dimensional path, to enjoy the many criss-cross paths with many crest and troughs to make the journey- journey of life-a fun ride.

What is Hinduism?

These days lots of things are going on in India which are mostly related to being Hindu or language Hindi. Most of people have wrong rather incorrect understanding of Hinduism. Here I am not going to explain what is Hinduism but what is not Hinduism.

Firstly, Hinduism is not Brahmanism. Brahmins constitute less than 6% of total Hindu population in India. While other castes make the rest. So statistically speaking Hinduism is not about Brahmanism. In fact if Hinduism needs to be associated with any caste it should be associate with caste “”A” which constitute x% of total Hindu Population, where A is not Brahmins and x is greater than 6%.

Secondly, Hinduism is not about being Vegetarian. Again I will put some fascinating data here. Out of total Hindu population x1% are non-vegetarian while x2% of Brahmins themselves are non-vegetarian, where both x1 and x2 are greater than 50. If you take the people eating eggs as non-vegetarians then this number will again tilt in favor of the non-vegetarian.

Thirdly, Hinduism is not about Sanskrit(the language). There are hardly any people who are speaking Sanskrit. In fact number of people speaking or having knowledge of Sanskrit are less than 1% of total Hindu population. Today only those Brahmins learn Sanskrit who want to earn by their profession(performing various rituals) otherwise they prefer to learn English over Sanskrit as it provides more opportunity. This surely is not wrong. This is how it should be, people should learn what they want to, not for the sake of false pride or tradition.

In fact Hinduism is neither about Hindi. There are huge number non-Hindi speaking Hindu. In fact, in Bihar most of people have dialectics of Hindi as mother tongue like Bhojpuri, Maithili etc. and its true for UP too. Similarly in Haryana there is Haryanvi language surely it’s derived from Hindi and very close to it. But still its not Hindi.

Except UP, Bihar, MP, and Delhi hardly there are any states where along with Hindi regional language is not prominent. For example Odiya in Odisha, Bengali in West Bengal, Marathi in Maharashtra etc.

So, what is Hinduism about? As we know today, Hinduism is about untouchability, its about hierarchical caste system, its about intra-caste marriage, its about opposing love jihad, its about Khap-panchayat, its about superstition, its about few organisms claiming to be defender of Hinduism, its about Dowry and expensive marriages, its about ‘ghar wapasi’.

Seriously, all these need to be changes. I, and many more like me, would like Hinduism again to be associated with tolerance, modernism, knowledge and vasudhaiv kutumbhkam. This what Hinduism is truly about.