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Monthly Archives: April 2017

My idea of God!

At the age of 23, mind of Bhagat Singh was so matured that it could think and articulate something like “Why I am an atheist”. I have wondered how these people at such a young age achieved this much maturity. And every time I got only this answer: they were rational and fearless readers and thinkers.

So, I also started contemplating about the idea of God. There are may theory related to existence and non-existence of God. Some people believe in singularity of God, others in multiplicity of His existence. Some people think God lives in temple/mosque/church/etc, others believe He resides in the heart of people.

I, on the other hand, believe God resides in the human body but not in the heart. In fact I don’t think there is some third party called God who resides in us. It’s part of us. Actually according to me God doesn’t exit at all. It’s we who have created God, not the other way around.

So, what is it that we call God? I have read and taught myself about the power of subconscious mind. The part of mind which made more than 85% of our mind. If you don’t know about your subconscious mind, probably you don’t know about yourself. We keep listening in many teachings which say  “know thyself”. This same quote also appeared in movie The Matrix when Neo went to meet the Oracle for the very first time.

So, why all religions, all spiritual teachings keep telling about knowing yourself. What is inside us which we need to know, one may wonder. However, I have come to conclusion that these all teachings are talking about knowing one’s subconscious mind and about its power. This is what we call God. You call it God or subconscious mind, choice is yours. But know what you are addressing or interacting with. Its not the statue or any other symbols but its your subconscious mind. Isn’t it become easy and comfortable to communicate if you know who you are talking to? One might have heard about theory of Chinese whisper. So it becomes even worse to communicate indirectly. More lengthy is the line, more noisy communication would happen.

So, know your God. It’s your subconscious mind. Know how to communicate with it. Know how to use it. Know how to improve it. And know yourself. This is what God is. This is why Bhagat Singh became an atheist. This is why you  need to contemplate. Think about Buddha or Mahavira. Learn about Geeta or Kuran. This is what all have talked about “know thyself”.


How deep shall we dig?

These days “Ram mandir and Babri Masjid” case is very much discussion of any conversations. I read a beautiful essay written by Arundhati Roy, titled “How deep shall we dig?”. I am going to discuss here the thought process put forward by Ms Roy.

According Ms Roy, there is no need to change the status-quo. As she is regarded as leftist scholar. It is easy to believe why she said it: because of her ideological inclination. May be. But she gave reasons which are more profound and rational than any reasons on this topic I have ever read.

According to Ms Roy, if we dig the Mosque, we can find a temple. But what if we don’t stop there and keep digging. What will happen then? And when we should stop digging if we are going to stop at all? According to her, if we keep digging there might appear, another temple of other Hindu god other than Ram, further there might appear a Vaishnavite temple. If we dig deeper there might appear some Buddhist stupa as it was prevailing religion in India once. Further there might appear some God of tribal people.  So, there is no rationale in digging the mosque at the first place. If anything that can be a reason, it would be a political one.

This reason is way far more rational than emotional reason like respecting the sentiments of the Hindu. But people who give such reasons forget about the Muslim sentiments. Or if  we take larger picture, how it will affect India’s foreign policy while dealing with Muslims majority countries of middle east on which we are still dependent for oil, security and remittances. 1992 demolition has given a blow to Indian foreign policy. Pakistan was able to keep India out of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC). Now Pakistan uses this same platform to raise issue of Kashmir and tries to internationalise it.

Further, India is opposed to Pakistan’s two nation theory. If we build a temple by force at the place of the mosque, we will legitimise the existence of Pakistan. If I am right, Pakistan will be praying for something similar to happen. So they can give reasons to their future generations about their separation from India and why Bangladesh broke away from them.

What is needed is: a non-violent and peaceful solution. Also if we go for out of court settlement trust deficit will remain. It is better to go for formal judicial court-room fight. Like Allahabad judgement which was peaceful, SC can also give some reasonable and peaceful solution. As a country, let celebrate our differences. Lets fight through debate and discussion not through hate speeches.

Real Dream Girl

He called her. She came. It was Navratra time. He invited her for Chicken party at a friend’s place. Both shared a plate. He praised her carelessly ‘tum kinni beautiful ho be’. She responded with a glitter and bit naughtiness ‘wo toh mai huhi’.

This was surreal. But just a dream.

However, she said, she doesn’t eat non-veg during Navratra. But when she came, they din’t share the plate. And when he praised her ‘tum kinni beautiful ho be”. She coldly replied ‘kuchh bhi bolte ho tum”.

But in reality she never showed up.