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Ethics, in Short…

There are lots of hue and cry about what to read and from where when it comes to Ethics, GS4, preparation. Here is simple and concrete guideline:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Read Ethics syllabus and learn meaning and definition of each keyword
  • Preamble of the Constitution
  • Remember Fundament Rights and Duties, & DPSP

With above preparation anyone can go to ethics paper and write good answers(Try this in some mocks). You need to use as much as possible ‘keywords’ and Articles of Constitution from above mentioned sources.

For Quality improvement:

  • Gandhi-Hind Swaraj, and his other thoughts related to all spheres of life
  • Ambedkar – thought on social justice
  • Amartya Sen- On health and education, on capacity of human resources
  • Plato-On women, education and philosopher king(optional)
  • Aristotle -On middle path
  • Rawls -On fairness as justice
  • Buddhism and Jainism teaching, along with Hindu Philosophy (optional)
  • ARC2-selected chapters

For Ethics, more than knowledge, you should depend on application of knowledge which you, and we all, already have acquired from Polity, Newspapers, Essay, and Society part, even from history.

All the best.


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