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UPSC Preparation: In Short

There are many guides and suggestions available online and offline on this topic. So I am going to be short, very short.

There are only two things required to clear UPSC.

  1. Time Management
  2. Relevant Materials

Time Management: Again on this topic there are huge amount of literatures available. So again I am going to be short here again. To effectively manage time, just be aware of time all the time. Get a watch preferably one which make some sound every hour. Be aware of time left for exam, time you have spend preparing for UPSC, time wasted in a day, time you really spent studying. Be aware and keep telling yourself what your real goal is.

Relevant Materials: Again huge literature and guides available on this topic too. Very hard to confine oneself to just relevant materials. Its very easy to get swayed away to other areas. Try to read one book many times rather reading many books on same topic. In coming days I may publish what relevant materials are, which are just right.

Till then all the best. Keep your focus on Time and Materials. They matter the most.



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