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UPSC Preparation: Getting Started

Many UPSC aspirants have asked me that how to start preparing for UPSC and what it takes to clear this, one of the toughest exams in the world.

I am simply going to state here about how to get going. In later blogs I will discuss in details what specifically needs to be done to clear this exam.

So, to get started with the UPSC preparation, irrespective of where you are and what are you doing, you need to start giving attention to news from all over the India and the world. Next step will be to start reading editorials in newspapers, preferably from TheHindu and IndianExpess. Keep doing these two things as much as possible and till you get selected. But to get selected there will be other things which are required to be done.

Further, it would be most logical step to read and know about the UPSC syllabus. Why? Because, when you will be reading news then if you remember Syllabus then your attention for  that particular topic will increase drastically.

Now, to understand news in totality one need to understand the Polity. So next most logical step will be reading Laxmikant for Indian Polity. And read this book along with reading news.

If you can follow these things religiously for months. Then you are ready to plunge into the nitty-grity of the UPSC preparation. In next blog on this topic I will cover the book list which one needs to follow for Preliminary examination.


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