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Paranormal Vs Science

Recently I watched a TED talk “A Scientific approach to Paranormal“. It reminded me of one incident which is associated with me.

I was in studying in 8th standard. I started getting headaches. It was very painful and unbearable headache. Even medicines for headache work sometime but next time they are found ineffective. After trying lots of doctors, mostly in and around of my village and block . My parents decided to explore the idea of going to Temples and even Mosques.

I was taken to Panditji and to Maulaviji. Bu they were ineffective. Eventually my parents found me one Sadhuji. He did something and I felt lighter and my headache went away. Since then whenever i used to feel headache I used to call my parents or elder brother who then used to go to Sadhuji and my headache used to go away. I don’t know whether it was really a case or not. Whether there is any connection or not.

But then i got an opportunity to meet this Sadhuji. I asked him, “Why I only have this headache in my family?”. He said everyone is not same and there are some weakness in my planets. Somehow I got convinced. Days passed, weeks passed, years passed, and eventually I landed up in Delhi to prepare for UPSC.

Only fear when I came to prepare for UPSC was, what will I do when I get headache in or during the exam. Or even during preparation if I get regular headache how will I crack such a touch exam. But luckily something happened. My paranormal meets science.

My roommate in Delhi, who was also aspirant, had this same issues of headache. He belonged to family doctors. Once I was going home from Delhi, I was having very bad headache. I told him about it. He gave me one tablet of pain killer. I took that tablet and boarded the train. I felt relaxed and my headache went away.

I came back from home and asked him what tablet he gave me. He told that it was “Diclowin Plus” and anti-inflmatory pain killer. I thought the medicine which can be cured my twelve or thirteen years of issues of headache must be costly. But  it was very cheap. Cheaper than even a glass of fruit juice. Then I told him about my issues and he told me that it could be due to Sinus issues. He also had this issue. Since then whenever I feel discomfort I take half-tablet of this tablet.

Now, I am not required to call at home whenever I get a headache. What I realised is: diagnosis is very important of any disease. After realising that I have issue of Sinus, now I don’t think about weaker or stronger planets anymore. Somewhere, now, I even think that my dad also have this same issue. Even if its true my grandmother and paternal aunt, both are no more,  also had this same issue. But they all were diagnosed wrong. May be one day I can make things right.

[PS: Do not take any medicines before consulting a doctor]



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