Let's talk it out

Boredom is bad!

I am staying in a 2BHK flat in Baljeet Nagar, Shadipur with my flatmate. I shifted to this place just before the CSE-2016 preliminary examination. I could have shifted anywhere. But i shifted to this very place because there were three of my friends staying here. And I joined them as fourth member.

It was very pleasant and happy environment till the CSM-2016. But after this exam got over. We had fun for few days. But eventually fun time got over. And two of my flatmates left the flat. One went to Bengaluru and other to Bihar(his native). So eventually we two were left at the flat.

However, out of two of us, it was only me who was left to spend time in the flat. My flatmate was busy working in some coaching from 10am to 8pm and if he feels he goes to either to his sister or some friends place. So i was left alone for whole night after spending alone whole day. Its not i did not like solitude. After after sometime one needs someone to talk to.

So, I started going for evening walks with my friends. I went to nearby Rock Garden for walks. Not that, I even went till Karol Bagh for have a chat with friends and spend some time with  them. Till now only companion had been my maid. But she also generally appears only when my roommate appears. She doesn’t like cooking for single person.

Eventually, I decided to move out of the place and shift to Karol Bagh. Place where i had many friends and at least I won’t be waiting for anyone to come home every night who eventually doesn’t come. Also Karol Bagh has very good environment for UPSC aspirants. So I took this risk even if at the higher cost of living. My Personal economy is hurting me. But I had to take some decision to make things happen.

Now, i will be shifting to Karol Bagh or Rajendra Place to be precise. Here I am hoping to have good company and better study environment. Lets hope for the best. Lets see, if I am here till June or October. I am hoping for the best but training my mind to be ready for the worst.


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