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iT versus IT

While reading News, many times we get confused with the abbreviation used for Information Technology and Income Tax. For Information Technology abbreviation used is IT while for Income Tax it I-T, note the dash between I and T. So there is only difference of dash (-) and sometime Newspapers remove this dash in lack of space in the headline.

So, it becomes difficult to understand what it means when a headline reads “IT booms put India ahead”. Whether it is Information Technology or Income Tax. To know what IT means here one has to dive into the details to know what article is talking about.

So, to overcome this confusion. I suggest to use iT, small italic ‘i‘ and capital ‘T’ together for Information Technology. Whereas leaving IT abbreviation for Income Tax. Given ‘i‘, the small italic i, has been associated with Information Technology, it would be easy to understand and differentiate between iT and IT.

I hope media house and social media one day will take note of this and follow the convention to improve the readability a bit. Ruby on Rails follows strategy of preferring Convention over Configuration for better readability of code. Nothing is wrong in following a good convention here too.


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