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A Complete Man….

“One dimensional man” is a theory propounded by Herbert Marcuse. According to this theory man has turned into nothing but a Consumer only. A man has no other attributes.  I would like to expand this theory from sphere of Economics to Social sphere here. I propose that man is one dimensional because of various filters which he inherits from the social constructs.

A man belongs to a religion, to a caste, to a region, to a nation, to a sex, to a class and to many more such social constructs which narrow down his vision and limit his thinking ability. One may wonder that these are more than one dimensions, so how a man is a one dimensional. I would say, these are all constraints and conditionalities which make a man to walk on a straight line. These constraints and conditionalities make sure that a man doesn’t get to know that there are many more paths and dimensions, which sometimes have same aim but different journey experiences. This is how these constraints control the thinking process of a man, by not letting him know what to think about.

Half truth is still not a truth, logically speaking. Also there is no significance of a Truth if you are not aware of the False and their differences. So how a man would know that his religion is the Truth without knowing the False. Mind it, I am not saying any religion is false. Its about where a man stands, its all relative. False itself it Truth. And Truth is False. All religions restrict their followers to only one religion and make them believe that theirs is the best religion. Religion puts constraints on human mind to think or explore the other religion, to expand the dimension of human personality. Thus it deprives him from experience of other dimensions.

Similar is case with caste, region, nation, sex and class too. These all make a man one dimensional. These constraint don’t allow a man to add more dimensions to its personality. So, how a man can be a complete without exploring or adding many more dimensions to his personality.

If a man wants to know how it feels to be a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Christian he can not learn if he thinks, his religion is the best. If a man thinks  Break the shackles, come out of prejudice, learn , experience, and then he will feel being a complete man. At this point of time, a man would not be thinking about Truth of False, but the experiences and learning which he would have missed had he not broken those social chains.

Universe is multidimensional so as the human personality. Let us break all these social constraints, which make us walk on one dimensional path, to enjoy the many criss-cross paths with many crest and troughs to make the journey- journey of life-a fun ride.


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