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What is Hinduism?

These days lots of things are going on in India which are mostly related to being Hindu or language Hindi. Most of people have wrong rather incorrect understanding of Hinduism. Here I am not going to explain what is Hinduism but what is not Hinduism.

Firstly, Hinduism is not Brahmanism. Brahmins constitute less than 6% of total Hindu population in India. While other castes make the rest. So statistically speaking Hinduism is not about Brahmanism. In fact if Hinduism needs to be associated with any caste it should be associate with caste “”A” which constitute x% of total Hindu Population, where A is not Brahmins and x is greater than 6%.

Secondly, Hinduism is not about being Vegetarian. Again I will put some fascinating data here. Out of total Hindu population x1% are non-vegetarian while x2% of Brahmins themselves are non-vegetarian, where both x1 and x2 are greater than 50. If you take the people eating eggs as non-vegetarians then this number will again tilt in favor of the non-vegetarian.

Thirdly, Hinduism is not about Sanskrit(the language). There are hardly any people who are speaking Sanskrit. In fact number of people speaking or having knowledge of Sanskrit are less than 1% of total Hindu population. Today only those Brahmins learn Sanskrit who want to earn by their profession(performing various rituals) otherwise they prefer to learn English over Sanskrit as it provides more opportunity. This surely is not wrong. This is how it should be, people should learn what they want to, not for the sake of false pride or tradition.

In fact Hinduism is neither about Hindi. There are huge number non-Hindi speaking Hindu. In fact, in Bihar most of people have dialectics of Hindi as mother tongue like Bhojpuri, Maithili etc. and its true for UP too. Similarly in Haryana there is Haryanvi language surely it’s derived from Hindi and very close to it. But still its not Hindi.

Except UP, Bihar, MP, and Delhi hardly there are any states where along with Hindi regional language is not prominent. For example Odiya in Odisha, Bengali in West Bengal, Marathi in Maharashtra etc.

So, what is Hinduism about? As we know today, Hinduism is about untouchability, its about hierarchical caste system, its about intra-caste marriage, its about opposing love jihad, its about Khap-panchayat, its about superstition, its about few organisms claiming to be defender of Hinduism, its about Dowry and expensive marriages, its about ‘ghar wapasi’.

Seriously, all these need to be changes. I, and many more like me, would like Hinduism again to be associated with tolerance, modernism, knowledge and vasudhaiv kutumbhkam. This what Hinduism is truly about.


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