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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Complex Bar Chart

So, what is Complex Bar Chart? Complex Bar Chart is name of the bar chart’s type which combines simplest vertical bar chart with composite bar chart. This mixing of the simple vertical bar with composite one is to tackle the complexity of the stacked bar chart.

Here is what a stacked bar chart looks like?


Now what are issues with this stacked bar chart?

1. Its hard to know the values of stacks lying on the second, third and above levels.
2. Its hard to compare the stacks lying on the second, third and above level.
3. This method is suitable only for two entities that too when their percentages are taken into account. For example.

Here is how a composite bar chart looks like?


Here is how a simple Bar looks like?


Here is how a complex bar chart and a stacked bat chart look like?

Complex_Bar_Chart2 Stacked_Bar_Chart



So, finally what are advantages of the Complex Bar Chart over Stacked Bar chart?

1. Its easy to compare among the items of one bar. So its kind of intra-bar comparison.

2. Its easy to compare among the same kind of items in different bars. So its kind of inter-bar comparison.

3. It still has the overall trend showing characteristic of the stacked bar chart.

So, these are the main advantages and they are pretty important because charts are designed to find out the trends. This Complex Bar Chart shows the trends more effectively and among more items than Stacked Bar chart does.


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