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We are all Abhimanyus?

We all would have heard about the heroic act of Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna and Subhadra. He is know for breaking into the Chakravyu of Kauravas while his father Arjuna was away and other four Pandavas were unaware of the technique to break in the Chakravyu. Abhimanyu learned this technique while he was in his mother’s womb. Once Arjuna started telling these techniques to Subhadra but she fell asleep after listening the breaking-in techniques. So she could not hear about the exit technique from the Chakravyu. Thus Abhimanyu after breaking-in the Chakravyu got killed as he was not able to exit from it.

Many of us doubt whether it is possible to learn in the womb. Many of take this as a myth, as just a story. But many of also keep thinking what if this is possible to learn in the womb and go further contemplating what all a child can learn in the womb. All these questions are answered by the Dr. Annie Murphy Paul in her TED talk.

According to her a child learns through mainly two sources viz, sound, and taste. Thus child is able to recognize the mother’s voice as it has heard her voice maximum times. Child’s taste is also determined by what mother ate at the time of her pregnancy. In fact Dr. Paul explains that child learn the culture through the taste and language through the sound.

So, one may wonder why child start learning in the womb and how its important for a child. Well its very important for the child’s survival after s/he is born. It even cries in the same pitch in which its mother’s mother-tongue is. It tries to find out which food is safer for it. So basically this learning serves to the survival instinct of a child.

So, in a way our mythology are not just myths, they are having some of the very truth of the life and its learning. Dr. paul tells us that we are all born Abhimanyus. She also explains about importance of the pre-natal care in her presentation.


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