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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Our perception of reality …

We wonder, what is reality? Is there any world beyond or parallel to ours? Do animals and birds have different perception of reality? Should be believe in God or Higher Dimensions? All these questions are so much human, in fact they make us what we are – a conscious being. So let me elaborate a little bit on human’s perception of reality.

For us reality consists of world around us which we can sense using our senses. Beyond that, for us humans, reality doesn’t exist. We sense sound, light, taste, touch and smell. Beyond these our perception of reality vanishes. We cannot see full spectrum of light but only the visible part of it. We cannot hear beyond a limit on both sides of sound space. We cannot differentiate all the tastes neither we are having knowledge of all tastes. How about touch? We cannot enjoy the touch the way other living beings enjoy. We may not feel the way a tree feels when it is touched. Surely there are things which we human cannot smell but dogs can. That’s why every security agency has dog squads. So there are limitations.

So, beyond these limits human beings are blind. They don’t see, feel,hear, taste or smell anything even though things do exist beyond these limits too. So, how about God and Higher Dimensions?

Anyone or anything which we cannot perceive using our senses and technology we possess today-which surely adds to our perception of reality – may call Him God or beings from Higher Dimension. But as we cannot prove their existence would it better to deny their existence? Or it would be good to accept our limitation and their existence? These questions are really hard and every Philosopher is trying to find the answers to them. So for time being let leave its to individual to decide what s/he wants to believe in.

In concluding remark, I would like to add that there are realities beyond ours. But first we have to make our reality better and beautiful then we should move further for the betterment of the reality which is beyond ours.

This article is inspired by this TED talk.

P.S.: “Follow what is within your experience and do not trouble yourself with what lies beyond the province of human experience”– Jalavi to Rama


Hanuman in us…

The story goes like this: Child Hanuman was very powerful and naughty. So he used to tease saints and irritate them just for fun. Thus some saint got angry and curse Hanuman that he won’t be able remember his any supernatural power. So, Jamvanta used to remind him of his powers and suddenly Hanuman used to feel and realize that yes, he has that power indeed. So he used to accomplish any task using newly reminded power.

This curse of forgetting his own power by Hanuman ended when he left for search of Sita ji and Jamvanta reminded him of his all supernatural powers. Hanuman ji was already having all these powers but still not able to do any supernatural act because he was not having knowledge about his powers.

This story of Hanuman ji is very significant for human race. We all are having all the powers to be Sachin Tendulakar, Vishwanathan Anand, Saina Nehwal and Marry Kom but we are not having Jamvanta to remind us that we can achieve miracles. Fortunately all these people and many more got Jamvanta to remind them about their powers. This Jamvanta can be anyone – teachers, parents, coaches, friends or any stranger. All one has to do is look consciously for this Jamvanta.

All I want to say is: if you ever doubt your capabilities then think about this story of Hanuman and his curse about forgetting his supernatural powers. You are also having power but you are not aware of it. You just need to explore yourself and you will find your powers. Just feel and believe that you have strength and powers to achieve your goal however tough it is. This thinking will give you immense confidence and inspire you to work towards your goal. It will help you to find your Hanuman inside you.

P.S.:”Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man.” — Swami Vivekananda

Connecting the Dots

Steve Jobs in his famous “how to live before you die” talk has told three stories from his life. These stories are:
1. Connecting the dots
2. Love and loss
3. Death

Here I will talk about the first story, Connecting the Dots. Connect the dots meaning doing whatever you do with full faith and believe that in future it will add up to something bigger. This will lead to something meaningful.

So, Jobs talked about staying in the moment and doing whatever you do with full passion. He wants all of us to believe that whatever you are doing currently are actually meant to do it. So why waste time and do it halfheartedly. We should make this opportunity count and give out best shot.

He further added that dots become visible only when you look back in the past. Its not possible to see the dots in the future. So just trust yourself, your intuition or whatever you are comfortable with.

So, ended his talk with “stay hungry, stay foolish”. We need to remain hungry for knowledge, growth, progress, and prosperity then only we can work with full passion to achieve them.

We are all Abhimanyus?

We all would have heard about the heroic act of Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna and Subhadra. He is know for breaking into the Chakravyu of Kauravas while his father Arjuna was away and other four Pandavas were unaware of the technique to break in the Chakravyu. Abhimanyu learned this technique while he was in his mother’s womb. Once Arjuna started telling these techniques to Subhadra but she fell asleep after listening the breaking-in techniques. So she could not hear about the exit technique from the Chakravyu. Thus Abhimanyu after breaking-in the Chakravyu got killed as he was not able to exit from it.

Many of us doubt whether it is possible to learn in the womb. Many of take this as a myth, as just a story. But many of also keep thinking what if this is possible to learn in the womb and go further contemplating what all a child can learn in the womb. All these questions are answered by the Dr. Annie Murphy Paul in her TED talk.

According to her a child learns through mainly two sources viz, sound, and taste. Thus child is able to recognize the mother’s voice as it has heard her voice maximum times. Child’s taste is also determined by what mother ate at the time of her pregnancy. In fact Dr. Paul explains that child learn the culture through the taste and language through the sound.

So, one may wonder why child start learning in the womb and how its important for a child. Well its very important for the child’s survival after s/he is born. It even cries in the same pitch in which its mother’s mother-tongue is. It tries to find out which food is safer for it. So basically this learning serves to the survival instinct of a child.

So, in a way our mythology are not just myths, they are having some of the very truth of the life and its learning. Dr. paul tells us that we are all born Abhimanyus. She also explains about importance of the pre-natal care in her presentation.

Grit: A Key to Success

Have you ever got frustrated over your bad luck? Have you ever wonder why you are not able to do as good as your other friends? Have you ever considered that you are mentally weak that’s why you cannot beat others? Have you ever felt helpless and hopeless? Have you ever imagine to do wonders? Then this is right place.

I am going to talk about the keys to success here. Have you seen movie The Shawshank Redemption? Did you notice that irrespective of anything and everything the protagonist doesn’t stop doing digging the tunnel, his ultimate goal? If you have noticed that then you are on right path. Have you wonder why Sachin Tendulakar has never suffered from a lean batting form for longer duration? Answer is same, he worked hard irrespective whether he was in form or not. I can give you thousands examples of such people. For example Marry Kom, Saina Nehawal, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

Here I am going to tell you few things which you should keep in mind while working for excellence.

Firstly, Growth Mindset. You should know how our brain works. You should know how we learn things. If you know this then you would also know that it can be done, its very much possible for you to achieve what others have achieved. For this, I suggest you to watch inspirational videos and read quotes of great leaders. Read autobiographies of successful people and leaders. Just keep yourself motivated, you can use anything to do the same.

Secondly, Conscious Effort. Here what I mean by conscious effort is: you should never forget your goal, irrespective of what may come. You should keep yourself reminding about your goal. So my ultimate message here is your subconscious mind should be aware of your goal. This can be achieved by a Conscious Effort, by reminding yourself every opportunity you get.

Thirdly, Grit. Grit is ability to work with passion and persistence for a long term goal. You should work daily towards your goal without failure. Make a habit to work towards your goal. Fix a time to work towards it. Set small small goals to achieve the ultimate goal. Never stop working and never stop believing in yourself.

Fourthly, Introspection. Yes, it is very necessary to achieve ones goal. This should be done daily just before going to bed. You should ask following questions to yourself. Where you wasted time today? What unproductive work did you do today? How much effort did you make towards your goal? What tomorrow you will do? That’s it, simple!

I can go on and on about keys to success. Like keeping yourself healthy, making good friends, reading good books, meditating etc. But I personally believe that above four keys can change you and your life. And key number three is to make sure you follow other keys too.

This article is inspired by Dr. Anglela Lee Duckworth’s TED presentation.