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“Now could you please stop laughing! You are laughing continuously since last five minutes” scolded Madhuri’s ma. This was first,and perhaps the last, time when Ramesh saw Madhuri. He still remember her rosy smiling lips, restless eyes, long silky hair, cute nose and fair skin. She did not look like if she belongs to a shoe maker family. Everything about her was royal except that she herself was not royal. She looked if some bird who wanted to fly but has been caged.

After nearly 15 years, today Ramesh heard from his brother that Madhuri has changed now. Ramesh’s brother,Samir, was talking about the Madhuri’s extra-marital affairs. He told Ramesh that now she is working as a peon in a school now. “She has married now third time” added Samir.

Ramesh was taken aback. He still remember the rumor that Madhur’s parents married her to a older man as they were poor and also they were looking for the monetary help from the older man. Samir confirmed that she had extra-marital affairs with the Kshatriyas of that village where Madhuri was married to a relatively richer man from her own caste. Samir did not tell anything about the second marriage of the Madhuri neither Ramesh asked further.

Ramesh’s heart sunk. He though about that smiling girl who was forced to stop smiling or scolded for smiling too much. He remembered her restless eyes and though to visit the school where she is working. But he decided against it. He thought people are accusing her but nobody accusing the Kshatriyas or poverty or her parents, nobody is daring to ask why she had extra-marital affair? Was because her husband was rich but old or caste system still gives upper hand to Kshatriyas or law and society is blind to crime against downtrodden? No one inquired if she was forced, blackmailed or opted out of biological compulsions?

“People do not laugh at the Madhuri’s first old husband. Neither they point fingers at the Kshtriyas. People surprisingly show sympathy to her parents who literally sold Madhuri out. This society needs to change. It should start pointing finger at the criminals not at the victims.” Ramesh kept thinking.


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