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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Why AAP?

There are lots of debates going on about AAP and its politics. Here I am going to mention why we should support AAP.

First and foremost, it has encourage the decriminalization of the Indian politics. AAP inspired to Rahul Gandhi to tore the Ordinance which would have allowed MPs/MLAs to stay in Parliament/Assembly even after conviction. It also inspired people with cleaner background to join the politics. It inspired CEOs and MDs of big companies to join the politics along with many others. It put ethics back in the political sphere of India.

Secondly, it has promoted a civic culture in the dormant people of India who had assumed that nothing good can happen in Indian politics. Many people have started participating in the civic activities. Now they are more vigilant and responsible citizens. They are inspired to fight for their rights. It has inspired people to come out on the street to put their demands to the government. It has brought the democracy to people. Pt Nehru once said if people cannot come to democracy then we must bring democracy to them. This is what AAP has done.

AAP was born out the anti-corruption campaign and it has proved that it truly is the party against any type of corruption and any level. Thus it has bring the accountability into the government and has popularized the used of RTI. RTI has helped to uncover many scandals and corruption. Many of these RTIs were filed by the AAP activists. Thus for a corruption free politics and an efficient system AAP like parties are needed to come forward which AAP has done.

Delhi election will not only define the course of politics in Delhi but in whole India. People will vote for cleaner,progressive and deserving candidates. Parties will be more sensitive to the need of the people. Dictatorship of the elected representatives will be gone. They will realize that they are not the king but the servant. They are there to serve the people not to rule over them. This will make parties more transparent. They might agree to come under RTI and may start posting details of their donors. This is reduce any chance of the quid pro quo.

So, if a party is promising such enormous amount of positive changes to the Indian politics, it surely deserves one more chance. It surely deserves to come in majority and show people what is has in the store for the common people and India. I am sure everyone has seen the 49 days of governance of AAP. wasn’t that like a revolution? wasn’t that like a second independence? wasn’t that made system efficient and transparent? wasn’t that brought relieve to poor and downtrodden? Think before you vote! Think !


Why Reservation?

Well if you ask a beneficiary of reservation he/she will say reservation should be there. But if you ask a non-beneficiary s/he will tell you that reservation is discriminatory and it should go. So, I would like to paint the true picture here and let you to judge whether reservation is evil or good.

So why reservation? Its well proved theory in the social sciences that socially and economically backward sections of society, facing this disadvantages due to the historical reasons need special care to ensure the equality of opportunity. Even our constitution talks about the special provisions for the socially and economically backward section.

So, what are those historical reasons because of which there exists a social and economically backward section? Well, its hard to define all the reasons here. So i will confine myself with few and most important ones. Firstly, the rigid caste structure put lower castes at very disadvantaged positions. Now people are talking about selection based on merits but if selection based on merits would have been the norms not the caste, we might not have required the reservation at the first place. Secondly, discrimination against all these socially and economically backward sections in all the fields – in education, in jobs, in prayers, in politics. Unfortunately it is still an ongoing process. Thirdly, all types of atrocities are committed against these sections and this too is an ongoing process even though there are laws like Dowry Protection, Sexual Harassment at workplace, SC/ST Act, Manual Scavenger Act etc.

So to correct these historical misfortunes we needed a policy of reservation for SCs,STs,Women, Disableds,and LGBT. Because of this disadvantages there have been a huge inequality in the society. This inequality needs to be corrected for the economic growth(read more). I know most of you will be etching with the following question: “Reservation was meant just for 10 years but it is still continuing after more than 60 years of independence , why?”

Well, surely I am not going to answer this question but I would put few questions for you. Why Land Reforms got failed? Why our judiciary is still elitist? Why there are discrimination in the promotion? Why still rapes are happening daily in India? Why a Dalit boy cannot ride a horse on day of his marriage in Rajasthan? Why manual scavengers are only from lower castes? Why conviction under SC/STs Act is so low? Why most of the under-trials and convicts belongs to socially and economically backward sections? Why Dalits are not allowed in many temples in Tamil Nadu? Why CrPC Article 377 still exists? There are many such whys. Unless we are able to eliminate all these whys we do not have the rights to question the reservation policy which is meant only for the most socially and backward sections of our society.