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Monthly Archives: December 2014

How not to fall in love…

It’s a long time ago. I was in my first year (2005). I was not as bright in college as I was in my school. It happens with most of us. So i used to consult with one of my friends from the Physics department. He used to clear my doubts related to study. I am from CSE department but he chose Physics out of interest, just to be fair with both of us.

One evening I was at his room. It was E-bot wing of Hall-2. Given he was very good in the study I was afraid to share about my most latest crush which i had. It was seriously troubling me. I needed someone to talk to. Surely i was looking for a permanent solution as having crushes that too very frequently was troubling me academically and Psychologically. But at last I dared to share with him about my trouble.

At first he laughed. Then he told me its normal, even he used to have lots of crushes then he started noticing the nostril of girls. He told me that very few people have cute nostrils. This implies very few girls have cute nostrils. Nose is at the center of face and if center is not good you can hardly get attracted to periphery. All that one is required to do is focus on the center -at the nostril.

Well, to my surprise it really helped me. I still gets lots of crushes but now they never trouble me because nostrils save me all the time.

Thus its goes both ways. If guys can use nostril to avoid falling in love with girls so as girls can use it against guys too. But I know it will be more helpful to guys as hardly girls get crushes but we guys have it all the time.

So in case you wanna NOT to fall in love, notice the nostril. It will save you for most of the time. But at the same time if someone has got cute nostril then I would suggest that there is nothing wrong in going ahead with her and if possible marrying her.


I am corrupt?

I had to drop one of friends to station, New Delhi Railway station. She was travelling by train for the first time. So i obliged her request to accompany her to the station. When I was going to pick her up my roommate asked me to buy a platform ticket. He suggested that it will cost Rs 5 only. I nodded in yes.

We took an auto-rickshaw from Mukharjee Nagar to New Delhi station. There were 15 minutes left for the train to leave the station. It was already standing at the platform. I looked for the counter to buy platform ticket. There were around 5-6 counters only for the platform tickets. But only one was open and there was huge queue that too when there was no one on the other side of the window.

In such scenario, my friend got little worried. So, thinking to pay the penalty for the platform ticket, I took her to her train- Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani 12440. We reached just 5 minutes before the departure time. She was now relieved that she did not miss the train while she was surely worried about the huge crowd and condition of the New Delhi station. According to her government could have done better at least for the New Delhi station as it is capital city.

After the train left. I moved to come out of the station. To my surprise there was no one manning the exit. I don’t know what to do. To whom should i pay the fine? Am i being corrupt here? Is it my fault? Lots of questions popped up in my mind.

I wondered had there been any mobile or online based facility for the platform ticket or all platform ticket counters would have opened or there would have someone manning the exit, I would have avoided being corrupt. I still feel guilty.

Rationalism and Religion

Most of people, including some of my friends, think that religion is not about rationalism. I think, if its not then it should move towards rationalism.

Let me remind you of Vivekananda, Rajaram Mohan Roy, Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, they all talked about disobeying those provisions of religious text which defy human reason. This was a fight against irrationality. This was about giving more importance to human being than God. This was about ending suffering in this world not in the some hypothetical world. This was about giving confidence to people that they can achieve anything if they desire. This was about giving more power to masses than those sitting in temples or mosques. This was about giving equal respect to women and Dalits.

But here again, after more than a century, we fighting against the rationality. We are not ready to follow the path suggested by Hegel -dialectics of ideas. According Dialectics of idea, through discussion only we move from lesser idea to greater idea. From thesis to anti-thesis to synthesis and this cycle doesn’t stop till we achieve the ultimate truth. But many people in India are not allowing to take discussion on religion. They opposed Wendy Doniger and now its PK.

I would put a theory from the Cryptography here. If someone discover a fairly safer method to crypt his/her information, then its NOT fully secure if this method is not in public sphere. Meaning this method has not been fully scrutinized and whenever it will be known to anyone it will be broken and lots of important information will be leaked. Thus its important that this method to crypt should be put in public space so that if there are any shortcomings people can point out and creator of method can fill that gap. After many iteration this method becomes secured enough for use. Thus what makes this method secured is scrutiny and we in India not even allowing people to question our religion. Can we really think of moving towards greater good?

This is the time,We, The People of India, come forward and support any rational discussion in public space whether its on religion, on gender or on Article 370. Without discussion we will not be able to remove the shortcomings in our religion. Hasn’t the sati and untouchability used to be part of our religion? Wouldn’t it would have kept us backward had not stalwarts like Rajaram Mohan Roy, Ambedkar and Gandhi had come forward? What you think about US when policeman shooting a black US citizen was acquitted?

Think, when our Prime Minister is thinking to make India a powerhouse of knowledge,the Jagat-guru, then can we afford to take passion over rationality in any sphere of our life including religious sphere.

P.S.: “Not to be absolutely certain is, I think, one of the essential things in rationality.” –Bertrand Russell

Inequality and Growth?

Let me start with a short story. Once upon a time there were two friends Raman and Karan. Both were very good friends during their school days. They were neighbors and their family are very close to each other. Both were equally good in study. Only difference was Raman family was richer than Karan. Thus Raman could afford to an expensive coaching for JEE and got into the IIT while Karan joined a UPTU college HBTI.

Both after completing their graduation joined job. Given Raman went to IIT he got a very good paying job but Karan got an average salary job. Now it was time for getting married. Given Raman was from a conservative family he married a girl who was from same caste but less educated and unemployed. However Karan married a girl who was as much educated as Karan was and earn almost as much as Karan.

Thus Raman was earning more but his wife was not earning anything. At the same time Karan and his wife both were earning. Thus total earning of Karan’s family became higher than that of Raman’s family. Now Karan could afford better housing and better car than Raman. Some people found it strange that how suddenly Karan was doing better than Raman.

Most of you now have understood my point. This difference between Raman’s and Karan’s family came because there was less or no inequality between Karan and his wife while same was not true in case of Raman’s. So by minimizing inequality Karan’s family started doing better than Raman’s family. Think if Raman would have married a working woman then inequality in his family would have been lesser and his family would have beaten Karan’s family.

Thus for a better growth its important to minimize the inequality. This can be achieved by social securities provided by government and by curbing the corruption.

What is Corruption?

We all have heard this word so many times but hardly we know what it really means.So first let me define it for you. Corruption is misuse of the public post/position for the personal gain. But this definition is clearly a narrow one and focused mainly on the public servants. Corruption can be present as much as in private as in public sphere. For example jumping queue, not paying taxes, favoring relatives even when there are other better options are forms of corruption.

Thus corruption is: not doing what you are expected to do according to laws, rules and regulations. Thus its all about performing ones duty in public and private life. If you are doing your duty according to laws,rules and regulations then you are not a corrupt person otherwise you are.

Lots of people wonder whether watching a corrupt practice and not doing anything about is a corruption or not? If you ask me, I would say it a corruption because you are not doing your duty as citizen here. You should try to report this to appropriate authority. But yes, most of us do not go ahead with the reporting because there are no easy way to do it or worried that we will get involved in an unnecessary time consuming activity which is not directly related to us. So, more than that person watching, its fault of that person giving and the person taking the bribe. But they are able to take the bribe because they know We,The People of India, will not do anything to stop the same. Thus its duty of We,The people of India, to make an effort to stop the same.

We all wonder that how this corruption can be controlled. My suggestion is focus on values rather than just focusing on the laws,rules and regulation. Children should be taught “Honesty is the good policy”. Values education should start at the level of the family and family should be a role model for the growing children. If a father is cheating in front of his children then those children will think cheating is ok! At this very moment we create future corrupt public servants. Thus values inculcation is most important way to handle the menace of corruption along with the appropriate laws,rules and regulations.

P.S.”गिरते है शह-सवार ही मैदाने-जंग मे, वो तिफ्ल क्याँ गीरें जो घुटनो के बल चलें !”