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Monthly Archives: January 2014

How to Kill Pakistan?

India is almost a nuclear triad now and have enough stockpile of nuclear warheads to wipe out Pakistan from the world map by just one full scale surprise attack. Easy!! isn’t it? Well what can be consequences as Pakistan cannot attack us back, in such situation other nuclear powers can threat us to wipe out. Well!! then our nuclear triad capability will come handy. Problem solved for ever.

Well, there is a catch! Can we really afford to wipe out the Pakistan by killing 180 million people? Won’t world will hate us more than they hate Hitler or Mussolini? What we really gain from such a genocide apart from satisfying the egoism of few leaders? People talking about wiping out Pakistan really know anything about ‘Humanism’? They know what is India’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in world politics? They really know what is theory behind Pakistan existence?

Well, its hard to answer all these questions in this single post. So, i will just focus on the theory behind the existence of Pakistan. Jinnah’s two nation theory gave birth to Pakistan. According to two nation theory, Indian Hindus and Muslims are two distinct nationalities, regardless of ethnic or other commonalities. In simple words Pakistan is for Muslims and India for Hindus. This two nation theory ideology mobilized Muslims for the Pakistan movement which resulted into creation of Pakistan. So how did India counter that? Most of you have guessed it correctly, SECULARISM. Secularism is India’s USP as for as the world’s politics is concerned. Pakistan is not as much afraid of the nuclear weapons as of secularism. When Farah Khan, a Muslim lady, presents an idol of Ganesha, a Hindu god to Kapil on ‘Comedy Night with Kapil’; when Sachin is praised by Pakistan medias, when Indian TV serials show love and affection and attack patriarchy to Pakistani viewers; When superstar Khans have more Hindu fans than Muslim fans; when Hindu celebrates Eid and Muslim celebrates Diwali, they all hit at the root of Pakistan, very reason for Pakistan’s existence.Think!!

Do you know India is second largest home to Muslim population in the world? Can you guess which is first? No, its not Pakistan. In fact Pakistan comes third after India. Answer is Indonesia. This again is a huge blow at the very root of Pakistan. How can India host more Muslim population than Pakistan if Pakistan preaches that India is only for Hindus and Pakistan is for only Muslims. How Pakistan can justify its existence? What reason it will give to its intelligentsia, who supports collaboration with India on every aspects and want to grow with India?

So, bottom line is, secularism can do what nuclear weapons cannot! If you genuinely love a Muslim and celebrate Eid as if its your own festival and part of your own culture it will kill Pakistan, though slowly but surely! But if there are riots, like Muzaffarnagar, they will only strengthen ‘two nation theory of Jinnah’ and make the Pakistan’s root stronger which secularism have almost halved since 1947.

P.S.: I am not saying India should stop its military modernization. In fact I am supporter of ‘क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को जिसके पास गरल है’.