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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Two worlds just 100 meters apart!!

I had packed my luggage, was ready to leave to home for Diwali celebration on next morning, I was very happy. Next morning I went to catch the metro from GTB nagar station, nearest station from my place.

While descending the stairs I felt the coolness of A/C on my face. I smiled and descended. It was all bright and flashy. People were playing with their iPhone and Galaxy. There was electronic card not paper ticket. Mostly people were talking in English and a minority humble like me still sticking to Hindi. There were teen-couples, married-couples, few old couples too holding each other hands. Talking and smiling all around. After entering in metro which was fully A/C and looking around would forget for sure for a minute that if he is dreaming or its real, is it India or some developed Western country. People were so much involved with their devices or their “friends” that all “indianness” of those local Indian trains were absent. I looked around there was a map showing progress of train and to add there was announcement too,automatic gate,well queued people waiting for next train which appears every five minutes very unlike Indian train. I was amazed and thought we have progressed a lot. I remember our GDP growth, the Chandrayan and then Mars plan and my destination came, New Delhi metro station”. Now I have to go New Delhi Station to catch my usual train.

I came out of metro station a hot air slap me on my face at the exit and i woke up. I found India which was very different from one of metro-train. At a walk-able distance of 100 meter. There was another station and there was another train I need to get in. I moved inside the station, it was completely chaotic. Some people were sleeping on the floor inside the station as there were no benches. There were paper-walas selling papers in sync with chai-wala. Newly established CISF check post was just symbolic. They were shouting at people and teaching how to keep their luggage at the x-ray machine. Then there were sound of crying babies in arms of their elder siblings , may be because their mother were busy in getting a ticket in Diwali rush and had not fed them. I already had a ticket, so after searching the train and platform. I went and sat inside my train.

It was completely two different world living at just the distance of 100 meters. Unaware of each other. Each one is in hurry and