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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Kisan ka Beta

She was looking rose-like in her pink frock and light pink hat with red ribbon tied around that hat. She was lost somewhere in beauty of Agonda beach sitting in rest chair of Tina Beach resort. A manly voice called her name, “Priya”, she looked in direction of voice, ”would you mind having Galão, they are out of café au lait” same voice echoed. Priya nodded in yes with a broad smile on her face.

While Piyush was waiting for the coffee at the counter, Priya’s mind time-traveled to year 20o5 when she first met him. It was their first class in IIMA, they were sitting next to each other, Piyush was sitting left to Priya. “Is there any reservation for village people too?” she whispered to guy sitting next to her right and they laughed together in low pitch. Priya remark was based on Piyush’s dressing sense; no coat, no tie; shoes were revealing the reality of him being from middle class. “Hi, I am Priya” she introduced herself, though name plate on her desk was decorated with her name, to guy sitting to her right and he replied back with same sentence with name changed,”Raunit”. But he added “I am from IITB and you?”, “well, I did my master in US” she replied. After listening the term US even an IITian doesn’t care enough to ask the name of college from which one has done his/her master. They became friends within minutes and made fun of the Piyush and laughed.

Piyush was a simple looking guy with athletic build, tall and muscular. He has done his MSc in economics from DU. He belongs to a small village in UP named Tajpur. His father owns 3-4 acres of very productive land. He had habit of accompanying his father to field since his childhood and helping him there. Before he left for his study in DU he has learned every aspects of farming.

Raunit had proposed Priya more than once but with zero success rate. But still they were good friends on term that Raunit won’t propose her again. In due course of time, Priya came to know a little about Piyush too, about his village, his father occupation, his hobbies. She was surprised to know that he still helps his father in field. First semester result,  Piyush soft spoken skill and his physically sound body attracted Priya. Priya has been a pampered child, has always dreamt of a prince, but now her dream-prince was getting replaced by Piyush with a plough on his broad shoulder.  Priya used to smile in her lonely moments when she imagines Piyush with a plough in paddy field, in his kisan turban and half naked upper half of his huge body. “Am I in love” asked Priya to herself. Priya’s herself replied with “yes”. She had fallen for a “kisan ka beta“.

She had caught Piyush glancing at her with love in his eyes and had tried to avoid eye contact with her after getting caught. She thought to propose Piyush but in her own way. She wanted to propose Piyush in his village in front of villagers.  After getting their MBA, Priya got selected by Deutsche Bank while Piyush got offer from McKinsey. This was last night before leaving the IIMA campus forever Piyush took out his hindustani attire which he has put on last ethnic day, took a rose, and went to priya’s room after last night party got over, came down on his knees and proposed her. She was half asleep, she was not able to distinguish whether its really happening or its after party effect. It took her few moments to realize, guy who she is in deep love with, is proposing her. She said “yes” to Piyush proposal and they both disappeared in Priya’s dark room.

Piyush put the Priya’s coffee on table and sit on a chair next to her and found Priya’s smiling looking somewhere aimlessly in vast sea. He put his warm hand on Priya’s hand, Priya kissed his hand and said “soothing place, isn’t it?”