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Why I don’t hate Chetan Bhagat!

I belong to very small village. Where at the time of my schooldays there were no English medium schools. Knowing English at time was known as very prestigious. Fortunately I got selected in a boarding school and unfortunately unlike in other branches, mostly south Indian branches, of my school teachers don’t speak English even while teaching Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics though courses were in English medium. Another unfortunate thing was unlike our Hindi teacher our English teacher was not a good teacher though very knowledgeable.

So, I won’t blame just my school but my whole surrounding  for my being weak in English and my shy nature just adder more to it. Then I came to college hoping to learn better speaking and writing English. Seeing lots of smart kids reading lots of novels and being so fluent speaker in English I got inspired. Its worthy to note here that I won some prizes in Hindi extempore though. Wondering where to start went to one of wing-mates room, I don’t remember who he was. I found there a book lying on his table “Five Point Someone”. First thing which attracted me about this book was its writer Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

Well I picked up that book and took it to my room with permission of my friend. Then it took me around a month to complete that book. Its worthy to note that I completed Chetan Bhagat’s last book, Revolution 2020, in just one day. That was the inception of my being a reader, a reader of novels. During those college days i knew nothing about novels but all four novels written by Chetan Bhagat.

I still remember how emotional fool i had turned into after  reading his “Two States”. Though only reason I bought this book, at varanasi station, was its price and thickness. But i can say out of all five books so for written by Chetan Bhagat my favorite is Two States. May be because I had spend one year in south india during my school days and i am aware of cultures in both parts of India.

After reading books of some good foreign writers as well as Indian writers I felt how simple English Chetan Bhagat uses in his novels. Well this could be main reason for lots of people hating him and being jealous of him. But for me his simple English and cheaper novel,price wise, encouraged to learn English by reading. Not just me I have lots of people around me who all have started reading novels with “Five Point Someone” though reasons could differ but it gave the starting point. It helped not just me but lots of people to overcome the inertia.

Thanks Chetan Bhagal, you may not inspire the people of higher strata but surely you are inspiring people from villages and small towns and more or less you are bridging the gap between people. How? Well by teaching them English, giving them confidence that they understand English.


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